About TwinMOS


TwinMOS is more creative and diverse in terms of unveiling a new product. We are constantly focusing on a new technology and analyzing the competitors attentively so we can able to provide first class products in the market.

TwinMOS team strives to continue to deliver a series of quality services for its customers worldwide. To become a significant added supplier and a valuable business development partner to all our customers. In addition to meeting customer requirements, TwinMOS strives to uphold close business interaction with international worldwide strategic associates.

TwinMOS has over one thousand distribution locations, forming a strategic network capable of delivering our products and solutions to customers throughout the world and within 24 hours locally.

TwinMOS uses the most up-to-date technologies and constantly developing superior standard in order to make products better suited for the needs of our customers. TwinMOS Technologies has its own R&D team who are guiding the business with new innovative products consistently with the latest technology and most modern customer demands.

Nevertheless, DDR2 memory module series were among the first producers to pass Intel validation. TwinMOS memory modules have over the years continuously proven to perform excellent in combination with all major motherboards, like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and Foxconn.


Company Profile

With the motto, “Innovation, Perfection and Quality”, TwinMOS is one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributor of upgrade Memory Modules, high end Digital Media, Solid State Device, Tablets, All In One PC and Computer Accessories. TwinMOS Technologies Middle East was founded on 21st September 2001 and has been successfully operating its business in MEA, MENA, CIS with the aim in covering the whole world memory market. It has been successfully running its business with dedicated customer service, quality products and support for almost 14 years now. With a goal to achieve maximum market share in its target market TwinMOS has developed a deep understanding of the market that company operates in through its professionalism and innovative resolution. It raised its competitiveness and creates win-win situations for both customers and TwinMOS.

TwinMOS product line is developed and designed to fulfill the demand of the users following the market trend. By extensive research of the R&D department, market and competitor's analysis had achieved the competitive advantage of TwinMOS products.

Strategic management policy & leadership, outstanding customer service, quality products, well-built brand image, up to date with market situation and products availability are the prime factors in establishing TwinMOS as a front liner IT company in the Middle East, CIS and African region with respective market share.

TwinMOS distributes its products either its own brand name (TwinMOS/M.tec) or through Original Design Manufacturing/Original Equipment Manufacturing (ODM/OEM) agreement. With concrete Research & Development team and outstanding manufacturing capabilities, it provides guarantee for high customer’s need and satisfaction.


TwinMOS endure to provide a wide range of quality services for its customers to become a value added supplier and a valuable business development partner. With our harmonious logistics provision, quick RMA & marketing support we can build an empire to our customer’s mind that can never be forgotten.

TwinMOS has gain a high label among the customer due to its dedicated customer service and support. We do replacing the product on time and updating our facilities management to achieve our customer’s need and satisfaction.


Speaking of manufacturing facilities, TwinMOS have it with a maximum monthly capacity of 1.9 million, located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The M.T.M.S. (Module Test Monitor System) enables production data to be downloaded to individual divisions of the manufacturing line so that each part of the manufacturing process can be properly managed.

The B.C.R. (Bar Code Running System) identifies the barcode on a Run Card, in turn helping each part of the assembly line to match its products to specifications. The system also creates a track record during each step of the production process. The A.B.L. (Auto Bar Code and Labeling System) translates products, specifications and manufacturing dates into bar codes for the reference of quality control specialists. The A.B.L. system can also work together with the M.I.D. (Module-Identify) system to track products through each part of production.

This ensures efficient production processes and high quality products. Moreover, the company is actively pushing for internal-departmental P.I.T. (Process Improvement / Innovation Team) campaigns in order to increase employees’ understanding of the skills needed for precise quality control. This program had one indication of TwinMOS' continued effort to improve product quality.

Focusing on high quality and efficiency, TwinMOS has earned certifications from several international memory-chip manufacturers and systems integrators to become one of the few original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) to make memory modules for one of the world’s leading companies.


TwinMOS Technologies continually adapt its competitive environment, there are certain core ideas that remain relatively secure and provide guidance in the process of strategic decision-making. These are the visions we believe in:

Excellent Customer Service 
Pioneering Technology
Social Responsibility

TwinMOS Technologies has the mission of contributing to a higher level of effortless living for those who are touched by our products and services. TwinMOS products are marked by qualities of magnetism, high caliber and keen inventions. This mission reflects our effort and labor. Reaching our team objectives and deliver the best quality products and services.

Our mission is to become the world’s most trusted brand of authentic, safe and eco-friendly by disseminating the use of modern technology that can inspire the individuals in all aspects. We simplify the people’s life both personal and professional by producing high-class resolutions.

Our vison is to become a groundbreaker of global provider of memory solutions.

To prioritize every single aspect that matters to our valued customers and creating a long term business relationship into spotlight. Wherein we achieved 30% market share in the year 2011.

To develop the product line which best suited for the users.

To be consistent with the latest technology and overcome any wave of technological disruption.

To develop the eco-friendly products.

To maintain the product availability with the complete range to sustain our client’s needed.

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